Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sugar’s Gift!  We help those terminally ill pets cross the Rainbow Bridge from home in Florida and California right now, with more States on the horizon, and couldn’t do it without our dedicated, compassionate, hard-working volunteers. 

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization.  The work they do and the people they touch is what makes what we do such a personal experience for each of the families we help.  From providing administrative support to holding the hands of pet owners who just experienced the passing of their beloved companions for many years, our volunteers report a sense of self-satisfaction by helping our pets, our pet owners and their respective teams as a part of the big picture of our mission.  Some have said when they are present at the delivery of the ashes to a pet owner, they had a “life-changing experience.” 

We provide the training for all volunteer positions, so no prior experience is required.  You can be a part of Sugar’s Gift to help people in a very difficult time of their lives, no matter what duties you feel match your comfort level or skill set.

Expectations of Sugar’s Gift Volunteers:

  • Our dedicated volunteers make up the majority of our workforce and we schedule their hours according to their respective duties. 
  • Volunteers must be able to work well with others.  Although we all love animals and want to help them and their owners through this difficult time, all of our volunteers must be able to work well with others since we work in teams.
  • To ensure proper understanding of our policies and procedures, volunteers must attend their required training(s).
  • All tasks, no matter which area of our organization you work in, have specific procedures. Volunteers must adhere to these procedures unless a staff member directs them otherwise.
  • Once volunteers know their work routines, they are expected to work with minimal supervision. Following through on tasks is critical to our success as our volunteers are our life blood.  Staff members are always available to answer questions and encourage you to ask if you are not sure at the beginning of your volunteer work tenure.

Get started!

If you're interested in volunteering with Sugar’s Gift,

please follow these steps:

  1. Be of age. Volunteer positions have a minimum age requirement of 18.
  2. Be in the area.   Opportunities are available in every service area.  Currently, our service areas are shown in our locations page of our website.  Check back as those areas change as our services are needed.
  3. Submit an online applicationGo here to fill out a volunteer application and tell us a bit about yourself.
  4. Attend an orientation. You will learn about the volunteer positions available at Sugar’s Gift, our history and policies.
  5. Choose a position.  Peruse the volunteer position descriptions to see what kinds of positions Sugar’s Gift has available.  Go here to see the skillset sets needed for Sugar's Gift™ and the position descriptions.
  6. Make a commitment. There are some flexible options, but a three-to six-month commitment is required for most volunteer positions.

When we have received your volunteer application, you will receive a confirmation email.  After that, please allow us up to 2 weeks to contact you before your volunteering status is confirmed.  Please note that we do check references, so we suggest you contact those individuals or organizations on your application to alert them that they will be contacted by someone at Sugar’s Gift.