What We WILL NOT Do 

This is very difficult for us to say, but we must.  Please DO NOT contact us about euthanizing your pet when there is another alternative.  Simply because he/she has become an "inconvenience" or because you cannot afford to keep him or her....or because his or her medical expenses are too expensive is NOT a reason to call us.  We will not help you in that situation.  There are animal rescues and senior pet rescues that specialize in helping with medical expenses or who will take your pet and rehome him or her.  Your pet would have the chance to be loved by someone else who either can afford to care for him or her, or who can afford his or her medical expenses.  We are here to help those who truly have pets at their "End of Life" phase and homebound pet owners whose pets are truly at their "End of Life" phase.  Your pet must be terminally ill for us to help him or her.